The New Parents’ Guide to the Best Baby Furniture To Buy First

The New Parents’ Guide to the Best Baby Furniture To Buy First

Oct 17th 2022

Setting up the nursery is often one of the first activities that new parents most look forward to. There’s something about thoughtfully picking out the furnishings and decor that builds up the anticipation for the baby's arrival. It’s an excellent bonding experience for the couple, too, as they share in the joy and wonder of creating a space where they’ll surely make many meaningful memories with their soon-to-arrive little one.

Narrowing down which furniture pieces to buy first can be downright daunting, though, especially for the inexperienced. Our recommendations for the best baby furniture to buy first should prove useful:


The crib will form the centerpiece of your baby’s nursery, and likely see the most use in the room along with the changing table. For these reasons, it’s one of the best baby furniture purchases to make first, and one of the most important.

There are plenty of crib types available for you to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. Here at Kids n Cribs, we offer classic standard-size cribs, convertible cribs, and mini cribs. When choosing a crib, the first thing you should consider is the amount of space available in the room. It shouldn’t take up too much space, since there are still plenty of must-have pieces of furniture that you’ll want within easy reach.

Safety should be another major consideration. Your chosen crib should meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)’s standards. A seal of approval from the JPMA or Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association is a good benchmark for crib safety, too. The JPMA is one of the leading authorities when it comes to safety in baby and children’s products. This Ti Amo Baci Convertible Crib from our shop fulfills these requirements easily. So does this Rowan Convertible Crib from Baby Appleseed.

Another certification worth looking into is the Greenguard certification. When a crib is Greenguard-certified, it means that it meets strict chemical emissions limits, making them safe for your baby and the entire family by extension. We have a separate category for Greenguard certified cribs, making it easier to browse our offerings.

Changing table

A changing table isn’t a strict requirement in a nursery, but you’ll definitely thank yourself later for investing in one. Having a raised platform where you can safely change your baby’s diapers will be a blessing for your back. It’s also a good place to keep all the necessities for the task.

Here, again, safety should be your number-one priority. Barriers on all four sides of the table will help prevent accidents from happening. Ideally, the changing table should also be equipped with straps to help secure your baby to the surface. The Jenny Lind Changing Table from Da Vinci easily meets these requirements. It also meets ASTM International and U.S. CPSC safety standards.

For the best experience, look for a changing table at a functional height for you. This will help prevent back pain on your end as you go about the business of changing baby’s diapers.

If possible, go for a changing table that serves multiple purposes. One that also offers plenty of storage space for baby’s clothes and other essential items for diaper changing will prove massively useful. It’ll also save space in the nursery, leaving more room for other furnishings and decorations.


Gliders and recliners are some of the most popular choices for seating in a nursery. It’s one of the best baby furniture purchases you’ll make, too, just from the memories you’ll be making in them. It’s where you’ll do the most bonding with your new arrival, from feeding them for the first time to their very first bedtime story.

Since this is a piece of furniture that’s more for you than it is for your baby, go ahead and prioritize your own comfort. We offer a wide variety of gliders, recliners, and rockers to choose from, each with their own feature sets. We also have a number of Greenguard-certified seating options for you to peruse.

There are seating options that come equipped with a footrest. In case your pick doesn’t, though, you may want to supplement it with an ottoman. These can help put you in the most comfortable sitting position possible, and are great accents to have in any room.

Storage solutions

You’re going to need a lot of storage space for all the things that your baby needs, as well as all the ones they’ll acquire. A dedicated dresser or hutch should offer plenty of space to keep your baby’s clothes, diapers, toys, and any other essentials.

You can find plenty of selections for dressers and hutches in our online catalog, too. They come in a wide variety of finishes, styles, sizes and designs, making it easy to find the perfect one for your needs.

Finding the best baby furniture for your nursery shouldn’t be a hardship with Kids n Cribs. Shop our catalog now.