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Kids N Cribs offers parents a great selection of kids furniture. From basic beds to themed castle beds, Kids N Cribs has a little bit of everything when it comes time to redo your child’s room. We’ve been family owned and operated since 1982, so we understand when it comes to buying quality for your family and loved ones. Stop by today and checkout our 4000 sqft showroom for some great ideas and inspiration!

What kinds of beds are available for my kids?

When looking at new beds for your child, the choices can be nearly endless and sometimes overwhelming for parents. Luckily, the knowledgeable staff here at Kids N Cribs is ready to tackle any bedroom makeover you may have.

Basic Beds

Basic beds are a great option for parents looking for something simple for their child. Whether they are just starting to transition from their crib or toddler bed, room space is limited, or just needing a quick bed in a pinch; a basic bed fit the bills.

Basic beds come in a variety of sizes and colors. However, most parents tend to gravitate or prefer a twin or full (double) size. These are the two most common size beds for kids, but bigger beds are also available, if needed. Color choices will vary from bed-to-bed depending on the manufacturer.

Storage Beds

Storage beds are very similar to basic beds, but with some extra features in the from of storage! Storage is a never-ending battle parents have when it comes to their kids, so the more you can get, the better. Most beds have the option of what we call “under-bed” storage, which utilizes the underside of your bed with either trundle bed OR storage drawers.

Trundle beds – these storage pieces are versatile given that they can be used for an extra sleeping space or a big storage drawer. Be sure to check the trundle has a solid bottom, or you will have to place a board or something solid inside if using as a storage drawer.

Storage Drawers – these pieces are our most popular across the board. Just like trundle beds, the storage drawers are placed under the bed and feature a minimum of two drawers and up to as many as six drawers. Talk about maximizing floor space!

Just like basic beds, storage beds are typically available in twin or full size. Larger size beds are sometimes available but tend to be more limited. Color choices will vary based on your bed selection.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are the quintessential bed choice for many parents today. Why you ask? Limited space in the bedroom, multiple kids in one room, versatile, extra bed for a guest or just a lure to get your child to sleep in their own room/bed! Whatever the reason may be, bunk beds are typically the most preferred and sensible choice for a growing child’s room.

Like basic/storage beds, bunk beds come in a variety or sizes, colors and even shapes! The most common size choices are twin over twin, twin over full and full over full. However, bed makers are now venturing into XL size beds, which offer twin XL or full XL beds over a queen size bed. When choosing a bunk bed size, be sure to account for room size and room height – especially with ceiling fans.

Once a bed size is determined, you sometimes will have the option of its configuration, such as L-Shape or offset. While this is not always available, having the choice can make a huge difference when planning out your room. However, most bunk beds will be one bed directly over the other.

On top of all those choices, the final decision is to add storage or not to your bunk bed? As indicated earlier, storage is an ongoing battle between parents and their kids. The same storage options for basic/storage beds exist for bunk beds as well; making bunk beds the typical winner when picking out a new bed for your child.

Loft Beds

Loft beds can and are very similar to bunk beds. Parents often get the two mixed up but depending on the make or style of loft bed, the functionality of a loft bed is just as good as a bunk, if not better!

Like all other kinds of beds, choice of size and color is where you begin. The biggest difference in a loft to a bunk are the options of configurations. Whether you want study space, storage space, multiple beds or a combination of all three, a loft bed will usually be the best answer to your equation.

Twin and full are dominant bed sizes with lofts due to their height and under support compared to bunk beds. Loft beds are supported by tall bed ends or piers versus another complete bed. Therefore, you want to make sure you are purchasing a quality loft bed that is both safe and sturdy.

The last factor to account for with a loft bed will be its height. Loft beds tend to come in three or four height choices: low-loft, mid-loft, high loft and ultra-high-loft. Your height choice will typically limit or open up how you can configure your loft bed.

Well there you have it. These are some of the most popular kinds of kids beds available today. Stop by today with your room measurements and any research you’ve done so far and let us help you make your child’s room fantasy a reality.

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