Newborn Diapering Essentials for New Parents

Newborn Diapering Essentials for New Parents

Dec 14th 2022

In nearly every movie about new parents there's always one scene wherein that's often put in for comedic value: the diaper-changing scene. Some of these scenes tend to exaggerate what it takes to change an infant's diaper and yet the reality isn't too far off from its fictionalized versions.

Oftentimes, changing diapers can get messy and gross. Despite that, it's still necessary for parents to get used to changing their baby's diapers. The reality of changing diapers, though, isn't without its share of things you absolutely cannot neglect or take for granted.

For the new parents out there, though, rest assured. We've put together a shortlist of essentials that you'll need to help you ease into the diaper-changing reality of starting a family.

1. Changing Table?

First on this list is a changing table. These are often included in many nursery furniture sets. A simple changing table will often do. However, a lot of brands and companies these days have come up with some innovative designs and additions when it comes to changing tables.

Do You Really Need A Changing Table?

Of course, one question that's often raised when the subject of changing tables comes up is, "Do we really need one?"

Some parents are fine with being able to change their baby's diapers either on the floor or on the bed. They feel like they don't really need a changing table. However, that might not be the case for all parents.

One benefit having a changing table has is that it's set at a proper height and elevation that will help with posture. This is especially important if you're prone to back pains. A simple changing table is a good means of prevention.

                                Simple Changing Tables

Simple Changing Tables

Most changing tables come with a set of shelves that help house all your diaper-changing necessities. With everything within reach, it'll be easy and quick to change your baby into a new diaper without having to move around too much in search of your diapers, wipes, power, or diaper cream.

             Simple Changing Tables

Changing Pad or Changing Tray

If you're really not a fan of a simple changing table, though (or if you simply don't have the space for it), you can always choose to go with a changing pad or changing tray instead.

Changing tray can usually be placed on any flat surface. This can be a dresser or even your desk. Changing trays are usually set up in a way wherein everything you need to change your baby's diaper is also within reach.

Changing pads, on the other hand, are simple pads that you can lay out on the floor or bed to ensure that your baby is placed on a clean surface. They're usually easy to clean and disinfect, and are very portable and practical.

                 Simple Changing Tables

Changing Mats

Another simple changing solution for new parents is a changing mat. Mats are a great option both at home and while traveling, as they can be used on any flat surface.

These mats are constructed from a special foam that simulates a soft skin-to-skin sensation. This helps to keep infants calm and comfortable during the changing process. These water resistant mats are also extremely sturdy, making them nearly impossible to wear out.

                                   Changing Mats

Dresser with Changing Table

Some baby furniture companies have tried to innovate the simple changing table in order to give it more versatility. This is where dressers with changing tables come in.

These types of dressers are usually designed with a changing tray at the top. They're perfect in that the drawers can serve as storage for either your baby's clothing, or your diaper-changing essentials, and they make great use of the space on top.

So if you find that you need a changing table, but don't have enough space for that much nursery furniture, then going with a dresser with a changing tray might be the perfect fit for you.

If you're looking for a changing table or changing tray, then, that will best fit your home and your needs, check out the options that we have available here on our website.

2. Diapers (Cloth or Disposable)

Diapers are another item on the diapering essentials checklist. When it comes to diapers, there are two options every parent should consider: cloth diapers or disposable diapers.

Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Believe it or not, cloth diapers are actually healthier and more suitable for babies. Yes, using cloth diapers means that you'll have to wash them repeatedly after every time they do their business. However, the benefits of cloth diapers are also considerable.

  1. More breathability, Less Irritation

Because most cloth diapers are made from cotton they result in much less rashes and skin irritation. This is even more true when it comes to organic cotton diapers.

Disposable diapers often contain chemicals that increase their absorbency. The price for this, though, is that these chemicals, polyacrylate and chlorine, will disturb the pH balance of your child. They're one of the main causes of dryness and diaper rash.

  1. Easier Potty Training for Your Kids

Disposable diapers often advertise just how absorbent they are. This absorbency doesn't help with potty training, though.

Because cloth diapers aren't as absorbent as disposable diapers, babies tend to feel that wet sensation more. This helps your baby know and recognize when they've gone about their business. This awareness can help them later on, as you're potty training them.

Advantages of Disposable Diapers

Of course, there still remain some advantages that disposable diapers have over cloth ones. For one thing, they're easy to take with you whenever you're out of the house or on a trip, where it won't exactly be advisable to carry dirty diapers around wherever you go. For that reason, disposable diapers still have a place in your infant's early years.

3. Wipes

Another diapering essential are your baby wipes. When it comes to choosing the wet wipes you'll be using for your child, we recommend always going with wipes that are biodegradable.

Most wet wipes do not degrade whenever you flush them or throw them in the trash. As such, many wipes have made their way into the sewer infrastructure, all the way out into the ocean. This spells bad news for sea creatures that might ingest them. When choosing wet wipes, therefore, always choose to go with the ones that are also biodegradable.

These three diapering essentials are the basics of what every parent needs to know when it comes to changing diapers. There are other items, like a diaper bag, that are good to have, but not necessarily essential. It's these three, however (simple changing table, cloth and disposable diapers, and biodegradable wet wipes) that every new parent should be aware of when it comes to the business of diaper changing.