Appleseed Malak Power Glider and Recliner

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Presenting the Malak Wingback Recliner by Appleseed – a symbol of comfort and elegance designed for both you and your family. Immerse yourself in luxury with high wingback seating, adorned with fashionable knit fabric, a tufted button back, and curved arms. Customize your experience with discreet hidden levers or enjoy modern convenience with motorized power recline. The Malak seamlessly integrates into any nursery decor with its exquisite wooden base, adding a touch of both style and durability. Elevate your bonding moments with your baby by making use of the Malak Recliner's gentle swivel and gliding motions, guaranteeing a tranquil experience without disrupting your little one.

Beyond its purpose in the nursery, the Malak recliner encapsulates unrivaled comfort and timeless design. Its versatile elegance guarantees it complements your living space, providing a seamless fusion of comfort and sophistication in nursery seating. Immerse yourself in each treasured moment, redefined by the embodiment of relaxation and style.


  • Motorized Power Recline
  • Tufted Button Back
  • Plush Premium Seating
  • Beautiful Wooden Base
  • Smooth Swivel and Gliding Motions
  • 31.89" x 37.01" x 39.37"