Mimijumi Not So Hungry Baby Bottle, 4 oz

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The container is made from Swiss nylon chosen because it is as clear as glass and as durable as plastic while containing none of the potentially harmful estrogen activating chemicals (BPA, BPS and 562 others) found in traditional plastic baby bottles.

Like breastfeeding, mimijumi bottles ensure the baby actively suckles and controls the flow of milk, so mom never worries about matching the flow rate of the nipple to her natural breastfeeding flow.  That is why babies overwhelmingly accept mimijumi bottles... they replicate how it feels to breastfeed!

Designed to be easy-to-use and easy-to-clean, mimijumi bottles are dishwasher-safe and will always stay crystal clear no matter how many times you wash them.

Product Features:

  • Mimics mom's breast in form, feel and function to eliminate nipple confusion, bottle preference and bottle refusal
  • Allows baby to latch and control the flow of milk providing a feeding experience like breastfeeding and promoting oral and dental development.
  • Made with medical and food grade silicone and nylon, free of BPA, BPS, latex, phthalates, lead and all known EA (Estrogenic Activity) agents.
  • Easy to prepare and easy to clean thanks to their wide mouth and fewer parts.
  • Includes an integrated venting system that reduces baby's air intake to eliminate colic

What's in the box:

- FR1 (Standard) nipple 
- 4oz container
- Non-skid base
- Travel cap
- Care manual               

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